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The Explorations Company take you on a world tour with their expertly curated Private Executive Jet Holidays & Safaris

These ultra-luxury tours can take you around the world in a private executive jet. There’s luxury travel and then there’s super-luxury travel, and by any measure, touring the world on a private executive jet with your family or group of friends, falls into the “ultra-luxury” category.

To travel by private plane is the epitome of luxury travel. The Explorations Company have hand-crafted a selection of intimate, tailor-made private jet holidays and journeys that will allow you to experience the world we adore from the ground up. From a two-week private charter tour of Africa, to a spectacular round-the-world journey.

In luxury and comfort, in convenience and decadence, in extravagance and abundance – The Explorations Company makes it happen. The Ultra-Luxury mentality is at the core of our brand, using our expertise, connections, and know-how to curate a unique, unforgettable holiday experience for you.

Who are Tailor-made Private Jet tours for?

Those who want to explore Africa or Asia in absolute privacy. It is the perfect social distancing holiday or vacation with all transfers being private. All charter flights to and from each destination, all game viewing and transfers to and from airports or landing strips are private.

All the accommodation is private, too, with luxury, private mobile tented camps or private houses and villas. Stringent guidelines have been adopted by each place in line with WHO recommendations, for both staff and their clientele.

Around the World by Private Jet

You can experience the very ultimate in high flying adventures by travelling with your family or small group of friends on a privately chartered executive jet. Equipped with only first-class, lie-flat seats, this is your opportunity to embrace the most jet-set lifestyle.

You can indulge in the finest private villas, lodges and hotels, the most exclusive events and unforgettable experiences – all attained via our unparalleled insider access to unique destinations.

Whether it’s breakfast at Everest or hopping from nation to nation in your private jet, we take you where you want to go. From the visa and transport to the cuisine and locations, we provide you with the very best each destination has to offer.

The Explorations Company works directly with owners and operators, know which aircraft work best with which route, and we are well versed in matching planes with our clients’ specific needs. The advantages of traveling by private executive jet are myriad; you can hop from country to country in absolute convenience and luxury, and we handle all of the logistics.

Our Global Jet Journeys are a signature of our concierge service that carries elite guests on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to some of the most exclusive locations and experiences in Africa and Asia. Jet-setting from one exciting destination to the next, you will stay at the finest locations and accommodation and see the best of Africa and Asia from a unique vantage.

But while the level of care, the food and beverage offerings and the special amenities and white glove services are all top of the line, Nicola Shepherd, the company’s founder says,” what really makes these journeys special is the ability for you to visit many exotic and off-the-beaten track destinations, stay in unique high-end accommodations and have access to curated, insider experiences.”

With a fully staffed private jet at your disposal, the possibilities for every bespoke journey are endless, whether you are jetting between properties and locations worldwide, heading home, or travelling beyond to another destination. Leave every detail of your journey to The Explorations Company Private Aviation Concierges, who will curate an utterly bespoke experience for you in the air and on the ground. 

What other highlight can you expect while on a private jet safaris/holidays?

Spending time with the top wildlife researchers, understanding the challenges they face and the successes they achieve on a daily basis. On certain safaris, you could be involved in a lion collaring and an elephant collaring if possible.

You can also visit local communities and witness first-hand how the support from the tourism industry is sustainably improving their lives. Your trip will be contributing enormously to these various charitable projects. This transforms your journey into a once-in-a-lifetime conservation inspired safari where there is a direct contribution.

For further information, please do feel free to contact Nicola directly or at The Explorations Company for further inspiration and unforgettable safaris and holidays to Africa, Asia, and Latin America

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